Plymouth's Hidden Gem

The seaside village thats barely on the map The seaside village thats barely on the map even a lot of locals don't know its there! Turnchapel is a quiet fishing village which holds so much history dating right back to the 17th century. Turnchapel is extra special to me as I'm lucky enough to call it home, and what better way to show it in its full glory! #Plymouth #Drone #HUD The view from Turnchapel facing North #Home

The New Powerful 5k Tool

HUD Lands the incredible new iMac 27" Retina One of the most important part of #HUD's work is much so its even in the name! The drone captures content in amazing 4k footage and with a 1" sensor its unbeatable. Now to match that quality we have a new retina #apple 5k 27 inch iMac for post edits. This ensures a standard of high quality results every time, more in depth and detailed image editing, a faster turn around and of course 4k videos! "Get with the future

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