During a Winter blizzard!

Taken during the last #winter storm the UK sheltered from, are we going to have a white easter as the rumours suggest!? Hopefully we can get the drone up again if its not too windy! The #drone was getting close to its limits during this image so it wasn't in the air for long. It's amazing the difference a dusting of #snow makes! Below is a short video from the drone's perspective.... Subscribe to stay upto date with Heads Up Definition

Plymouth's much looked over Island

Mewstone Rock This impressive island is located just south of Plymouth off the coast of the village of Wembury. As you can tell from the image it is pretty inhospitable, the small building remaining was built in the early 19th century by Major Edmund Lockyer and remains as a feature today. You don't often see this perspective of the rock showing just how close it is to Plymouth and how harsh the South side of the island is. #Drone #Aerial #Plymouth #Island #Ocean

Plymouth's Hidden Gem

The seaside village thats barely on the map The seaside village thats barely on the map even a lot of locals don't know its there! Turnchapel is a quiet fishing village which holds so much history dating right back to the 17th century. Turnchapel is extra special to me as I'm lucky enough to call it home, and what better way to show it in its full glory! #Plymouth #Drone #HUD The view from Turnchapel facing North #Home

2017....a tough one to Beat!!

It was quite a challenge to condense a years worth of amazing footage into one short video, below is the result. And what a year 2017 was, check it out! Last year did not fail to disappoint! Heads Up Definition was lucky enough to travel to Sri Lanka to teach powerboat racing and of course film it. We also travelled to Monte Carlo, Dubai, Dublin and many more incredible locations filming and photographing a huge range from stunning scenery to powerboat racing and drifting! It

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