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High quality aerial work at an affordable price, that with flexibility and passion to capture and create we offer it all. Qualified Pilot holding PfCO training and permission to work commercially from the CAA. Fully insured including public liability so you can relax whilst we work our magic!


Marine engineer by trade, race Thundercat powerboats as much as I can, my life revolves around the ocean. Travelled the world for a number of years with my trusty camera...I've always had a passion for photography. When drones became readily available creating a magical perspective and capturing amazing results I had to get involved. I have been flying drones for a number of years now and enjoy every minute of it! The fact that every image and all footage still wow's me keeps it interesting. Awarded with the 2016 "X-stream Media' award with Thundercat racing for my short clip of the racing at Watergate Bay with over 7 millions hits gave me the encouragement to pursue what I enjoy and offer my services as Heads Up Definition!

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